We specialise in the supply of orthopaedic aids, medical support equipment, wound care, sports tape, kinesiology tape and elastoplasts.


For active participation in life, BORT develops products, according to the patients requirements, accelerating recovery and achieving physical harmony.


The medical support and orthopaedic aids are being developed and tested in close cooperation with physicians and orthopaedic technicians. Utilizing this method, over the years, many different applications have been developed providing a versatile product line. All products are designed for long-term use and are desirable based on an excellent ratio between price an performance.


BORT has been developing, producing and marketing high-quality medical products, particularly supports and braces, since 1981.


Thanks to intensive and close cooperation with physicians and therapists, orthopaedic technicians and designers, we are able to produce numerous new, innovative and high quality medical products each year – products which cater fully to the needs of patients as well as athletes and their specific ailments.


This is made possible by our proximity to the market and short decision-making paths: many suggestions come directly from patients and care providers. Our close contact with customers allows us to bring these ideas swiftly to market without getting caught up in bureaucracy.